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Print the passport photo specifications for you or your photographer. PDF , Passport photo requirements have changed—archived. Your photos must be taken no more than 6 months before the date you submit your application. Our requirements for passport photos are different from those in the United States and other countries. Photos for Canadian passports must be taken in person by a commercial photographer or studio. They must also comply with all of our photo requirements. Bring the Passport photo specifications to the photographer or studio to make sure they meet the correct photo requirements. You must submit 2 identical and unaltered photos with each passport application. An altered photo refers to any photo that has been edited or changed in any way, by any means, and includes:.

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Ah, another day, another celebrity cancelation. Here’s the unfortunate thing about Twitter — well, one of them, at least. When someone includes the hashtag ColeSprouseIsOverParty on their tweet, it helps to get that hashtag to trend higher, regardless of if the tweet is actually about the hashtag. Which is why, if you check out this hashtag, you’ll discover that about 95 percent of what you’re seeing are actually just fancams. Nearly every tweet starts with something along the lines of, “I don’t know what Cole Sprouse did,” and then encourages the reader to “stan” whoever they prefer over Cole.

Effectively, this hashtag started trending because people have no idea why it’s trending, which, honestly, happens a lot with these [insert whoever here]IsOverParty trends.

the tumblr girls of , you’ll probably catch them wearing a scrunchie, tube top, puka shell necklace, white vans or birkenstocks and don’t forget the hydroflask.

It keeps you from doing your work. It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being. Somebody says you have no language, so you spend twenty years proving that you do. Someone says you have no art, so you dredge that up. Somebody says you have no kingdoms, so you dredge that up. None of that is necessary. There will always be one more thing.

Show a people as one thing, only one thing, over and over again, and that is what they become. The focus of this blog is to showcase works of art from European history that feature People of Color. All too often, these works go unseen in museums, Art History classes, online galleries, and other venues because of retroactive whitewashing of Medieval Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.

My purpose in creating this blog is to address common misconceptions that People of Color did not exist in Europe before the Enlightenment, and to emphasize the cognitive dissonance in the way this is reflected in media produced today. I [the blogrunner] am a person of color, but I am not Black. This blog addresses situations regarding North American and often United States-specific misconceptions and miseducation about history, race, and racism.

White & Gold or Blue & Black? Science of the Mystery Dress

This could be used as both a callout post and a compilation of how great they are. Either way, I just request that you read all of it beforehand for a complete picture. There are seven members listed ages are how old they were during their debut :. Also, people say that Namjoon studied abroad for a while in New Zealand while in high school and therefore he should know much more about non-Korean cultures and racism, but he was only twelve years old and it was for less than three months.

The big three are extremely wealthy, prosperous companies, and they train their idols for years, with everything from dance and vocal lessons to acting and English classes being supplied. Everything from their clothing, skin, hair, the food they eat, etc are all strictly controlled by the company.

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In , women are bolder and stronger than ever. We need you. Defunding the police is a feminist issue because black, poor, immigrant and undocumented women are disproportionately targeted, abused and murdered by police. This is our small way to channel energy into sustained organizing to bring about the new world we so desperately need. Now, in we know that sewing can be more than just unifying, it can be life saving. MaskUp aims to:. This was never just a march.

It was never just a moment. This is a movement.

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The size of the wooden hoop is 17 cm 6. The paint is not washed away and does not disappear All hoops are securely packed. Are you a Maker? Apply to join Amazon Handmade. Skip to main content.

Black 12 ounce Ember Travel Mug² showcased on a white pedestal and white background Ember Travel Mug. ² · White 10 ounce Ember Mug² showcased on a​.

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What color is this dress: Gold and white or blue and black?

The Internet went bonkers last night over a simple question posed on the social networking site Tumblr: What color is this dress? Some people see the dress as white and gold, while others swear it’s blue and black. Some people even flip between the two, or see some combination. Even Taylor Swift and Kanye West weighed in.

Most K-Pop companies infamously have a “dating clause” in their contracts, Some of Namjoon’s lyrics include: “I think you look good in black like an old-​timey prisoner with a black and white striped prison uniform, and in.

She is the female counterpart to Curtis. Yancy is first encountered after the male player picks up the Dropped Item Xtransceiver in Nimbasa City. Upon obtaining the item, Yancy calls it from an old phone and identifies herself as the owner of the lost Xtransceiver. However, she is busy at work and is unable to retrieve it at the time, so she asks the male player to hold onto it until she is free from work.

Yancy will call her Xtransceiver when the male player is in specific locations around Unova. Yancy will slowly learn about the player through her initial nine calls.

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She went to consult the Sex Pill For Male doctor, bought the relevant books, and even spent rubles Sex Pill For Male on the black market to buy a Spock General knowledge of infant health care. But you prefer white girls, right I like this. Why Mom, what s wrong, I just said that I like her. Tell the parents so that they can prepare for the wedding, and Enhancement Products then they will grow up.

So don t ask such a silly question, give me the magazine, he said. I can make your hair into this style.

The most extensive and up to date Riverdale clothing blog dedicated to the fashion pieces of the Riverdale characters and cast. Requests and questions are​.

Blackout Day is a social media-promoted event in which all supporters of the Black Lives Matter Movement are encouraged to not spend any money for a full day in hopes of attaining attention and resolve to end police brutality and racism towards Black people. It encourages the posting of content that was created by and features black creators. Specific tags e. TheBlackout and BlackoutDay are used to connect users to that content and to increase the visibility of that content.

Blackout Day launched on March 6, , and after December 21, , is scheduled to be held on the seventh day of every third month, starting with March 6, Blackout Day has received widespread attention as a result of the killing of George Floyd , the shooting of Breonna Taylor , the death of Elijah McClain , and other victims of police brutality. The event was conceived in early February by Tumblr user T’von Green.

Q&A: Do Black Men Only Want To Screw With White Women?!!

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