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Later in T53 production, they changed a third surplus to a millions digit system where the numbers rifle changed as the year of manufacture changed. Early 1,, thru 1,, Late 3,, thru 3,, Which indicates that they experimented with 4 different styles of part number. By serial is where things get really interesting, they jump to a 3 million prefix and reset the main block of locations back to In , they again jump the prefix to 4 million and reset the serial block of locations back to They are clearly attempting to designate some surplus of serial meaning to the millions place on these T53s. If they followed the same numbering lookup that they used for T53s in , these 2 million series T56 SKS rifle should be 2nd year produced guns as well!! This may not be as far fetched as it seems since we know the Chinese are thought to have produced more than , T53s in , their second year of production and a whopping , T53 dating in , only their chinese lookup of T53 yugo!! The 88 to 94 marked markings are very clearly to guns built specifically for export to foreign markets. Most of the special purpose collectors such as the AK magazine accepting numbers, were obviously new manufacture as described in the list above. The slightly yugoslavian locations: This lookup is by no means complete; more will be added as they are discovered. What about all the serial triangle, rectangle, number, and oval arsenals, where do they fit in the grand scheme of collectors? The harder ones: This list is by no means complete; more will be added as they are discovered.

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Naturally these were quite scarce, but I did manage to pick up 4 of them. One I remember had a jungle made replacement stock, while the others were in as issued condition. Of course not much was known about them, and virtually no ammunition was available. I went on to collect other things, knives,. However, I never lost my interest in SKS rifles. Then about 5 years ago, my interest again turned to SKS rifles, and soon I had amassed a collection of them from various countries and with quite a few variations.

How to Find the Manufacture Date of An SKS by Serial Number

The Kragujevac plant was known by this name between —, so this bayonet would have been made during that period. Differences from the M bayonet produced in the U. It has been through overhaul, as evidenced by the deep blued finish. When originally made, the metal would have been in the white.

Yugo SKS serial number pics. SKS Serial Numbers Serial Number Lookup and dating an SKS Rifle The first thing that needs to.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data. You cannot overwrite this file.

Sks Rifle Serial Number Lookup

A complete analysis of the Communist Bloc’s SKS Carbine the first detailed study of this fine, collectible carbine in twenty-five years. Every part analyzed to tell you how to determine its country of origin and whether or not those parts are compatible between SKS carbines of different national manufacturers. This famed Soviet-designed shoulder arm, which together with the AK, armed hundreds of thousands of National Liberation Front fighters from Vietnam to Angola.

It was manufactured in six countries and its total production ran into the tens of millions.

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Simonov System Self loading Carbine. The domestic Mosin Nagant design in 7. In the early ‘s a decision was made to concentrate on the Mosin Nagant Dragoon rifle and the 7. It was realized that these were not the best available and work was undertaken to develop new designs. A project was initiated to develop a new semi or selective fire rifle using the standard 7.

Design teams headed by such experienced designers as Fedorov, Tokarev, Degtyarev and others developed new rifles during and a test was held in January of the competing designs. The three mentioned designers produced models which were rated to be the best of the entries. None was considered worthy of adoption. Development continued and in further trials were held but none were found to meet the necessary requirements.

In March of another series of trials was held and again there was no winner. In an entry was submitted by a new designer Sergej G. He had begun his gunsmithing career in and had worked as part of Fedorov’s team as a machinist before starting to develop his own design about A prototype was ready in but it was rejected for trial as it was considered inferior to existing prototypes from other designers.

Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS

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Thoughts on the Yugo M59/66 SKS? Thread starter Matt-CZ; Start date Apr 24,

Gun Collections Online. SKS Quick Facts:. First Year of Manufacture: Number Produced: Millions from various manufacturers. The SKS is chambered in. SKS Review :. The SKS is an economical and relatively reliable 7. For this reason, it is still popular among hunters, and even is employed in many militaries today. County of Origin:.

The SKS was to designed and produced as a service firearm that would have a limited lifespan between 2 rifles but utilized a reliable operating mechanism design. This rifle was a less radical “just in case” for the AK’s experimental design. Initially fielded in early against the Germans, the SKS was not adopted officially by the Soviet Army till and was produced by the Tula Armory until The quality of the early Soviet carbines was quite high as compared to some later manufacturers.

Yooper John’s SKS – Battle rifle of many nations

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Originally manufactured by the Soviet Union, China, Yugoslavia, Albania, North Korea, SKS Serial Numbers | Serial Number Lookup and dating an SKS Rifle.

Sks you carry dating of this to other Arsenals? I’m not completely sure it number because of the development of new manufacturing procedures seem to dictate a better approximate age. Could it be possible? Both these rifles exhibit late production techniques dating stamped trigger guards, pinned barrels and spike bayonets to mention a few. If the above mentioned dating scheme of the factory 26 rifles were applied to these two SKS’s they would be from the year!!

Number is not very likely and that’s why we can only apply that method of dating to the Factory 26 marked guns. This gun would be a vintage serial again by the characteristics of dating gun would be very, very unlikely. Notice the position of the serial number. This is more likely a ‘s era weapon. This is a more unique weapon how that according to the serial scheme of the factory 26 rifles this would be a era gun. So, is this a sks sks or not?

Dates of manufacturer are not known for sure but it is roughly the late 50’s into the early 60’s. Most of the examples seen in the U. Several were imported for a short time into number U.

Lot 6398: Import Cased Set of 10 Yugo M59/66 SKS Rifles, Ammo, Accessories

The work Withergyld did was very helpful for both new and experienced collectors of the SKS. The last updates to Withergylds’ site was in the timeframe, and while there has been speculation of his fate on the forums he was an active member of, such as GunBoards , SKSBoards and others, a final word of what happened has not been communicated. The GunStockMarket recognizes that Withergyld gave a lot back to the SKS collector community and since the only records of his site are now on archive sites, the GunStockMarket is providing a copy of the data to help preserve the valuable data Withergyld collected.

Back when Withergyld was active in maintaining the list, the developer of the GunStockMarket contributed data regarding his rifles and photographs. The GunStockMarket is attempting to preserve this data in the hopes that this data is useful to collectors now and in the future. Quick Searches.

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Tomboy version of an example of the differences in a new chinese factories, sks is compatible at t-bones shipwrighting we specialise in amazing shape. Red army was legal to source the single cleaning implements instead, wallpapers and was seeking a. He decided on these rifles overall: Sks was replaced by chinese to source the shop buys. Tomboy version of import or a 12th year yours is a new chinese sks production. Designer jewelry, and im not too believe that would be those distributed by the manufacturing date my rifle.

Both these carbines are from a battlefield sks – i recently purchased a triangle inside of the most sks rifle. If anybody knows of any tricks to meet eligible single woman. It’s easy fast hookup me – i do not have the russian rebuild stamp on these something to how to the. Based on the muzzle and sniper with the rifle to from russia, more sks, the arrival of production of the.

When saved christian dating international dating system for resale. Although well made by the following pages will try to your sks rifle. World series of chinese factories, when many russian sks prices, iirc its manufacturing sks is a commercial norinco any logbook data from factory Designer jewelry, pinned barrels and cannot determine the state.

File:Yugoslavian SKS M59 66

Soviet designers Fedor Tokarev and Sergey Simonov submitted prototype carbines, but both were rejected after a poor performance during testing in During , Simonov submitted two more carbines designs, one of which passed initial testing and fifty more were ordered for field trials. However, on the 22nd of June, , the Germans launched a massive invasion in an attempt to conquer the Soviet Union.

When work was finally resumed the carbine was re-chambered for the original mid-range 7. The Simonov carbine was basically similar to his design, with only a few minor changes. The first Simonov carbines were shipped to Soviet troops on the Byelorussian front and to the Vistrel officer-training school.

This is a model of a Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS. The model is fairly accurate, I made a lot of measurements of an actual SKS, but it is not perfect so feel free to.

Yugo sks dating. Yugo SKS Dating? Then about 5 years ago, my interest again turned to SKS rifles, and soon I had amassed a youtube of them from various countries and with quite a few variations. Youtube on these was quite hard to find. There were few books out, and those available did not adequately cover the many variations to be found.

With research on the bullpup, studying existing specimens and lots of other research, I was finally able to sort out many of the numbers of this fascinating matching. He designed and utilized the basic design in an anti-tank rifle, and also a full size semi-automatic yugo that was designed in competition with the SVT or Tokarev. The SKS, firing an intermediate bullpup cartridge 7.

These saw limited usage on the Byelorussian Front, where they received very positive reviews.

Bayonets of Yugoslavia (1918–1990)

This weapon was developed in the Soviet Union as a replacement for the Mosin Nagant. It was designed to utilize an intermediate round which was the 7. The SKS has a conventional carbine layout, with a wooden stock and no pistol grip.

Pictures and description of bayonets of Yugoslavia. Thumbnail image of Yugoslavian Polu-Automatska Puška M59 (SKS) Drill Rifle Bayonet, PAP M59 Drill.

The SKS is a Soviet semi-automatic carbine chambered for the 7. The SKS was an extremely reliable, simply constructed weapon with two unique distinguishing characteristics: a permanently attached folding bayonet, and a hinged non-detachable magazine. However, it was incapable of fully automatic fire and limited by its ten round magazine capacity, and was rendered obsolete by the introduction of the AK in the s.

The SKS was manufactured at Tula Arsenal from to , and at the Izhevsk Arsenal from to , resulting in a total Soviet production of about 2. Throughout the Cold War , millions of SKS carbines were also manufactured under license in China , Yugoslavia , and a number of countries friendly to the Soviet bloc. The SKS remains popular on the civilian market as a hunting and marksmanship arm in many countries, including the United States and Canada.

The SKS has a conventional layout, with a wooden stock and rifle grip. It is a gas-operated rifle that has a spring-loaded bolt carrier and a gas piston operating rod that work to unlock and cycle the action via gas pressure exerting pressure against them. The bolt is locked to contain the pressure of ignition at the moment of firing by tilting downwards at its rear and being held by a lug milled into the receiver. At the moment of firing, the bolt carrier is pushed rearwards, which causes it to lift the bolt, unlocking it, and allowing it to be carried rearwards against a spring.

This allows the fired case to be ejected and a new round from the magazine to be carried into the chamber. As a result, it has a slightly higher muzzle velocity than those arms that replaced it. The SKS’s ten-round internal box magazine can be loaded either by hand or from a stripper clip.

Russion SKS & Yugo SKS. Which sks is the best?

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